"I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart."

Vincent Van Gogh


Art and the making of art continuously evolves, but the art of selling hasn't changed for decades - Modern Muse acknowledges that collectors are seeking something new and informative to fit within their daily life. Modern Muse bridges the gap between the collectors desire of purchasing art and the fear of entering a white gallery, by offering an informative solution and a tool before investing.  

Our Ambition: Promote the best of this generation emerging artists, giving them a voice to elevate their profile, strengthening artist & buyer relationships, whilst educating art enthusiasts, via a dynamic 1-1 service. 

Modern Muse represents carefully hand picked emerging artists, ensuring their profile, character and vision compliment the ambition of Modern Muse.
Modern Muse differs to physical galleries and other online institutions as we delve deeper into the artist profile, understanding and sharing their true artistic DNA. We make fair pay for artists our priority and offer an open house in London where artists & collectors can be part of a creative community. 
It’s our aim to nurture the careers of our artists by using our expertise to promote their profile within the industry, introducing artists to budding collectors, allowing careers to develop sustainably. 
The artist’s profiles are positioned at the forefront of the platform - works are available for purchase via smooth check out system and should the client wish, is immediately in contact with a member of the specialist team to ensure all questions are answered and requests are actioned before purchasing.
The hub of Modern Muse sits within Notting Hill and is a townhouse called Modern Mews, where likeminded artists, art enthusiasts, clients and creatives will have the opportunity to share and seek new ideas, updates within the industry and much more. Modern Mews is a creative space where artwork can be seen in the natural environment for a collector, a home.  Modern Mews hosts events, pop ups, stimulating talks and discussions, dinners to celebrate artists and industry leaders and more!
Collectors are just as important as our artists. Art enthusiasts are craving support and guidance and it’s our mission to provide a simple solution for buyers searching to purchase qualitative art, via an affordable price tag, all artwork on the site is under £10,000. 
By offering unique art, knowledgeable & reliable content about the rising talent presented on the site and on our books, Modern Muse is an easy go-to designation for those seeking art at affordable prices.
Modern Muse has an impressive roster of emerging artists including the likes of Jennifer Louise Marin, Marco Rea, Bethany Parkinson, Diana Forbes and Sasha Podgurska, of which you will find works exclusively presented on Modern Muse. Additionally, you will be able to discover works from the ever growing, ever evolving private collection of Modern Muse and on our roster, which includes ceramics and original artworks from Vanessa Prager, Audun Alvestad, Faye Hadfield, Kim McCarty and more.


  • Harriet Mathias is an Art History graduate & luxury & culture Press & PR professional. After higher education, Harriet proceeded...

    Harriet Mathias is an Art History graduate & luxury & culture Press & PR professional. After higher education, Harriet proceeded to work in Press & PR, building and executing communication strategies for nearly a decade at fashion & jewellery institutions such as Prada & Cartier.

    Harriet continues to work closely with contemporary artists, institutional and independent galleries to advise, generate industry awareness and build brand profiles