Sasha Podgurska

Sasha Podgurska, Ukrainian painter, born in Odessa near the Black sea. The main themes of her works are feminity, nature, peace of mind, carpe diem and showing us exactly the present moment of everyday life. Inspired by the warm sea waters, nudity, freedom, love.

Sasha usesvibrant oil-on-acrylic paintings portray women in their most breezy states. Lounging, dancing, and sunbaking by the sea, her mostly nude subjects are luminous in their relaxation.


“I try to depict the carefree life of living in harmony with nature,” Podgurska explains to IGNANT, “as well as women enjoying the gifts and beauty of the Mediterranean environment”. Having studied drawing, art history, Ancient Greek mythology, and psychology at school, the Odessa-based artist was naturally drawn to portraying elements of the nature of humans. Inspired by the hyper-realistic details of Renaissance art works, “the impressionists motivated me to choose the path of the artist,” she says. At first, the consistent theme of her paintings was seascapes—“in general, water has always fascinated me and I consider it to be my element”. Yet in recent works, Podgurska explores being in the present moment, her characters are women enjoying everyday experiences; like embracing a friend or lover, and feeling connected to their bodies. “I also like experimenting with watercolors. When the water moves the pigment, it decides in which place the colors need to freeze and stop forever. That makes me become just the watcher.”