Jennifer Louise Martin

Jennifer graduated with honours in Psychology and Neuroscience at Leeds University in 2003. She has also studied at Central St. Martins completing a Foundation course and a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art. Having studied Psychology; the human psyche plays an important role in her work, highlighting how the conflict between our sub-conscious and conscious cognitive process can influence our contemporary being. Her most recent paintings displace the figure or subject of interest in order to create a sense of detachment and ambiguity.Jennifer has always been influenced by fashion and beauty photography and is an avid collector of prints and patterns from the 1960/70s. She uses wallpaper, fabric prints and magazine cuttings as her source materials for her mixed media collages. Collage informs her paintings, which are charged with an underlying psychological process depicted through the materiality and language of paint. The new work explores the use of fabrics and hand embroidery, which suggests a sense of history and prestige.