Georgie Sizeland

English born and South African raised, Georgie has returned to London to emerge into the diverse creative cultures that surround. After obtaining a degree in interior architecture, she took some time off and began to experiment with the medium of charcoal, capturing the contrasting uniqueness of surrounding faces, figures and forms, becoming fascinated by human individuality and disposition. This observation became a study and the focus of her pieces, which aim to capture the beauty and the significance of originality. A lot of her works mainly focus on the difficulties women are facing with self-image in every day society. Elaborating on the reality that every form is unique and that every wobble is beautiful. Georgie has been creating pieces for several years and has begun to experiment with other mediums in her works, such as embroidery and water colours. In more recent times, she has worked a long side interior designers to create commissioned pieces in both South Africa and the UK.