Sophie Roberts

Sophie Roberts is an artist and calligrapher based in North Yorkshire. Sophie loves working with inks and watercolours and emulsions to produce unique calligraphy pieces and artworks.


Personal Biography: I have loved painting and drawing since school days. I started calligraphy in 2015 from the kitchen table on a correspondence course with the Society of Scribes and Illuminators, which sparked my love for all things lettering. Having caught the bug I went on a Modern Calligraphy work shop and haven’t stopped ever since. I now enjoy producing lots of different styles, including; formal copperplate script, brush lettering and looser modern calligraphy. Inks are the most amazing medium to work with, they can produce an intense depth of colour and translucent quality simultaneously and I now also paint using the inks from my calligraphy work. 

Initial simple illustrations have grown into larger botanical paintings using the colours I am drawn to. Prussian blue calligraphy inks which have become a favourite over the years, strong Indian yellow and plaster pink emulsion paints from interiors I love, and bright chalk pastels which I started experimenting with more recently. I am constantly learning and developing, painting and scribing. Combining art, illustration and calligraphy, I love to work on bespoke projects with clients as well as producing original art work inspired by my surroundings.