Sasha Compton (born 1992) is a British artist currently based in Amsterdam. Her mixed media artwork is expressive, colourful and explorative, focusing on positive imperfections. She uses unpredictable creative techniques to show joyful scenes and memories, with an emphasis on negative space and texture to ignite emotion. She currently explores print-making, painting and ceramics. Sasha trained at Central St. Martins (Art foundation, Illustration 2012), and then Chelsea College of Art (BA hons Graphic Design 2015). Sasha worked in the creative industry as Senior Graphic Designer in the fashion industry for 6 years until deciding to be more physical as a creative fulfilling her dream as a full-time contemporary artist. She has taken her bold colours and feminine style from the fashion industry with her.  


Having grown up in the countryside (North Yorkshire and the Isle of Mull, Scotland) Sasha is inspired by the beauty and vibrant colours of nature. Due to being exposed to antique art from a young age (her mother was an antique restorer), Sasha enjoys exploring classical themes in contemporary forms. She celebrates individuality, body empowerment and imperfections in her daily life and her creative practise, and aims to bring a splash of happiness into people’s homes. 


“In today’s world, there is so much pressure to be perfect. My work is all about embracing the differences. I use unpredictable creative methods, such as print-making, watercolours and working with ceramics. These materials seem to have a life of their own which I love. I embrace these imperfections that give an artwork its own character, as if each piece has its own personality.”