Frank Talks to Harriet Mathias – Founder of Modern Muse Art

This week we are excited to share our newest Frank Talk with Harriet Mathias! Harriet is an Art History graduate, luxury industry Press & PR professional, and the founder of Modern Muse Art. After higher education, Harriet proceeded to work in Press & PR, building and executing communication strategies for nearly a decade at fashion, jewelry, art & lifestyle institutions such as Prada, Cartier and contemporary artists and gallery spaces. Please enjoy reading Harriet’s Frank Talk below!


What was your first job in the Arts?

Working in the Press Office at Prada.

Many say that Fashion and Art are not within the same artistic realm however, when working in the fashion industry there are so many underlying artistic influences, especially under the house of PRADA where art is engrained in their DNA.

It was at Prada, working within the Press Officer, where I learnt about the icon that is Ms. Prada, her active part of shaping culture, and her dedication to the arts, feminism and equality, I believe, was my first job in the arts.


The first collection I worked on was Prada’s Spring Summer 14 which epitomized this. Ms. Prada championed six artists – four muralists (Miles ’El Mac’ Gregor, Gabriel Specter, Mesa, and Stinkfish) plus two illustrators (Jeanne Detallante and Pierre Mornet), who echoed the political art by the likes of Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco, that defined an era Muccia was inspired by for her runway collection. As a result, Muccia commissioned and insisted on painted murals to be the backdrop of her stage, fostering an artistic energy, that for me made the show. Images from the murals were repeated on clothes in classic sportswear silhouettes, proving that without the art, there wouldn’t have been a ready-to-wear collection.




January 31, 2020
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