Meet the curator and artists behind Modern Muse

This innovative online platform introduces collectors to emerging creative talents 



With galleries closed for much of the past year, many talented artists have suffered a lack of exposure. But Modern Muse – a female-driven online platform promoting emerging artists – is offering a number of creators a lifeline by introducing collectors to their work virtually.

“The artist is our muse,” says the site’s curator Harriet Mathias. “Modern Muse differs from physical galleries and other online institutions because we delve deeper into the artist profile. Our aim is to remove any fear by offering collectors a friendly destination, expertise, interesting anecdotes and useful tools before they start investing.”

Mathias, who co-founded Modern Muse with the photographer and journalist Irene Bellucci, says platforms need to adapt to accommodate the changing needs of collectors in our digital age. It aims to offer a simple solution for buyers of affordable art, with all work on the website priced under £10,000.

For the artists involved, who include Jennifer Louise Martin, Frida Wannerberger, Willemien Bardawil and Jessica Bird, the platform offers a beacon of hope during what has been a difficult time for the industry. “It has been comforting to know that there are supporters of my work out there who believe in the power of interaction and who aspire to keep that connection at the heart of their vision,” says Wannerberger.

“I like the unique concept, as the female muse has always played a big role in my work,” adds Martin, whose paintings, mixed-media embroidery works and clay sculptures explore the nature of the human psyche. “I am excited to work with other entrepreneurial women in the art world, as I think big things can happen when women support women.”

Bird, whose work is inspired by colour and fashion, appreciates the visibility that being part of Modern Muse offers her. “It’s great to have the support of a platform that is so invested in building client relationships and hearing the artist’s story – it brings you into a community,” she says.

In early 2021, Modern Muse plans to expand its presence by opening a physical hub in a Notting Hill townhouse. As Mathias explains, “Modern Mews will be a space where artists and collectors can be part of a creative community and where artwork can be seen in its natural environment – a home.”

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Meet the curator and artists behind Modern Muse (

November 18, 2020
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